Dental Website Cost

How Much Does a Dental Website Cost?


Your dental website is the face of your business online. Make it count with a well thought out and well designed website. You may be wondering about how much it should cost to get a new website. We’ll highlight the wide range of pricing, what you’re really getting, and why it costs the amount it does. The range of what a dental website costs tends to be wide, and, since most companies don’t have upfront pricing, difficult to nail down. Some features that affect cost might include hosting, design, development, ongoing SEO, PPC advertising, and technical support. Your dental website cost will change based on the features that are most important to you, but more important than the cost is your return on investment (ROI), which we’ll discuss later.


An Idea of Costs

While we can’t tell you specifically what it’s going to cost you without knowing your practice needs, we want to give you a ballpark idea of dental website cost. Basically, website development can range from $1,000 to well over $100,000! That’s an extreme range, but since you’re not a giant corporation spending six figures on your site, you won’t have to worry about the higher end of that. For dentist offices, many companies will charge a $1,000-$5,000 setup fee, just to get a website up and running. That doesn’t include ongoing marketing costs and maintenance, and many other features. Some companies don’t charge an initial setup fee, but whether there is an initial fee or not, you should have a monthly budget set aside for your web services, hosting, marketing, maintenance, security, backups, and more.


Website design is generally not cheap, but for good reason. It’s vital to invest into this element of your company, as it represents your brand online. It’s the face of your company to your potential dental patients, and the first impression most people will have of your office. Without a well designed website, you won’t stand out from the other dental offices in your area.


Elements of Dental Website Cost

These are some of the factors that come into play when figuring out dental website cost. Choosing the right dental marketing company will determine how well your site does online.


  • Setup Fee: Usually in the $1,000-$5,000 range. Generally includes the design phase of web development.
  • Hosting: Generally not very expensive, $30-$100 per month. This is where your website code is physically hosted and served to your web visitors, and often includes the cost of your domain and SSL certificate.
  • Security: Usually bundled with other services and not a stand-alone cost. SSL certificates are a must-have (check to the left of the URL in your browser, and you’ll either see a lock icon, or a notification that the site you’re on is “not secure”), but ongoing security maintenance is also a factor. Making sure your technology is up to date with security updates is important.
  • SEO: $300-$2,000+ per month. Search Engine Optimization costs are extremely variable, but on-page and continuing SEO optimization helps to grow your organic search results (not the “ad” results in google searches, that’s PPC). This process takes time and requires patience and an ongoing commitment to gaining a higher rank through putting out consistently high-quality content that your website visitors want to see.
  • PPC Advertising: $300-$5,000+ per month, plus ad spend. PPC ad costs are also variable, but the idea is that you pay a company that knows how to optimize your return on investment to get you new patients that will be worth more than you are paying to acquire them. According to Google’s 2018 Economic Impact Report, “businesses generally make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads”.
  • Social Media and Reputation Management: $300-$1,000 per month. Posting on social media and handling reputation management and reviews across multiple platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook.
  • Other: up to $2,000. HIPAA-Compliant forms and email, analytics reports, live chat, and more. There are many other options and add-ons that can vary in cost, and depend on your priorities.


Total cost: $1,000-$5,000 up front and $500-$10,000 per month. Ultimately, it will depend on what features are important to you, and how much you want to spend on marketing, but you should consider budgeting at least $500 per month for your online presence.


“Businesses generally make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads”


Cost vs. ROI

While these prices may sound expensive, they may still be reasonable for certain practices, because any cost analysis has to be weighed against your return on investment. You always want to be coming out ahead. A big part of calculating ROI is knowing how much a new client is going to be worth to your business. Over time, as you market to potential patients, you can figure out your new client acquisition cost, and make sure it’s less than your client acquisition value.


What We Do:

We can’t say for sure what a lot of other dental website design companies charge, but we can tell you what we charge. Unlike many companies, who make you contact a salesperson for prices, we believe in transparency, showing our prices to you up front. We have no setup fees, no contracts, tax is included, and you can change your plan any time. Our list of plans and pricing can be found here. In addition to our website packages, our PPC campaign management fee is $300/month, our SEO articles are a flat $100 each, and our Logo Design fee is $400.


We hope comparing website design cost plans has given you a better idea of the investment a website can be. You will not regret investing into your business’ future with a great designed website.

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