Dental Website SEO Strategies to Grow Your Business


Thinking of new ways to grow your dental business website this year? If you don’t already know, SEO is an important tool to use to grow your business online. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and can work wonders for your business to be seen online. It can help you stand out from the crowd of other dental practices in your town. Search Engine Optimization targets traffic to your website from a search engine’s organic rankings. In simpler terms, SEO will help to improve your ranking on search engines organically, as opposed to Pay-Per-Click advertising where you are paying for your website to appear for certain search terms. With search engines like Google, there is an algorithm used to bring up what’s considered the best results. SEO plays a big role in being high on the list of those “best results”. We’ll share with you some of the best SEO trends and strategies, what not to do, and how website design will impact SEO. Dental website SEO can dramatically increase your potential customers online and impact your business positively.


SEO Trends & Strategies


There are so many resources about SEO online. So what works and what doesn’t work? This can be tested by trial and error, but we’ll give you a head start with some ideas that have been working for many online businesses. Hopefully you’ll be able to bypass some of the mistakes others have made and start improving your dental website SEO. These trends and strategies are ones you will not want to ignore in 2020 and beyond.


1. Keyword research

Keyword research goes hand in hand with SEO, finding the best search terms that your target audience is searching for online. Knowing what these keywords are can help you form better content to support your marketing strategy. Learning what your audience is looking for in a dental practice can greatly impact the way you market yourself and determine what you choose to highlight online. It can drastically improve your business and drive traffic to your dental website.


2. Videos will impact SEO

According to Cisco, in 2017, video accounted for 75 percent of all internet traffic and is forecasted to grow to 82 percent by 2022. So how does this work hand in hand with SEO? Putting videos within your dental website SEO plan will help to grow your website’s SEO greatly. Video affects one of the key SEO ranking factors: CONTENT! You can add things like keyword labels and video transcripts to improve SEO.


3. Mobile use for greater rankings

People are using their phones to search more than ever. That’s why it’s key to make your dental website responsive. It not only will improve your SEO but make a better experience for your users. If your website isn’t currently responsive, it’s likely outdated in several other ways as well, so you should consider getting a new one. If you have one already, consider if you need to improve accessibility and user experience.


4. Blog content

Another effective SEO strategy is using blogs to drive traffic to your dental site. Creating quality content with strategic keywords mixed in will greatly impact your business. Doing this will also add value to your services, and is a great way to market yourself. Everyone loves reading meaningful and helpful articles online, so why not use this to your advantage?


5. Link-building plan

The last trend we wanted to share is the link-building plan. Link-building is an SEO term for the process of finding other websites to link to your site, which increases your credibility and therefore your search engine results rank. The key is quality over quantity. Finding well known websites to partner with will increase your credibility as well. There are no shortcuts here!


What not to do with SEO


It can be bumpy in the beginning when learning to use SEO. What you want to avoid is getting lazy about the details and using shortcuts to try and get results. Trust us, doing it right will be worth the work in the end. So here are some ways NOT to use dental website SEO or in general.


1. Not updating yourself

To make the best of your dental website SEO, it’s vital that you keep yourself updated on best practices. So, well done for making it this far in the article! SEO trends and improvements happen all the time as search engines change and update their practices. With technology changing rapidly, hiring a marketing company would benefit you greatly if you don’t have the time.


2. Not focusing on your brand

Your brand will become your identity. SEO is about more than just driving traffic to your website. You want to make sure and think about when using SEO that you are positively affecting the view of your brand. If you are unsure, pause and rethink. How is this content going to affect the way my viewers see my business?


3. Unclear SEO goals

Lastly, don’t use SEO if you don’t have a clear plan! Not just a general marketing plan but a SEO plan. First learn what you want to improve in your website and then make a dental website SEO strategy to match it. Create clear goals and timelines every step of the way, and be willing to adjust if something isn’t working. Then you can evaluate and improve your plan.


Update your web design


1. Responsive design

Update your website to improve SEO with responsive design. What is responsive design? Responsive design is developing a design that responds to the behavior and environment of the screen size, orientation, and platform. Whether your viewer is using a tablet, mobile device, laptop, or desktop, responsive design adjusts the design and layout accordingly. Improving this is vital to how long someone will stay on your website and can improve your dental website SEO.


2. Quality Content

Another way to update your web design and the way it will impact your SEO is creating quality content. What is quality content? It is creating content that will add value to you and your potential clients. Things like blogs, great design, and videos can greatly impact your brand and be the difference between someone choosing your services or going with the competition. Take no shortcuts with this step.


To learn more about SEO strategies and how to grow your business with this tool, read our blog Dental SEO: Why is it important to grow your Dental Practice?.

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